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Shuttle Foot Pedal

Constructed from Durapol, the Nexus Shuttle Foot Pedal is a robust unit that will withstand knocks when in service and withstand a vigorous cleaning routine. The smooth surfaces ensure that it is easy to clean and that there are no areas for germs to harbour. With a small footprint and slimline design minimal space is taken up in the kitchen and the ergonomic height of the unit allows food to be scraped straight from the worktop into the bin. The foot pedal operated lid enables a hands free operation to comply with Environmental Health Standards and provides ease and speed of disposing food waste. A lid over ride mechanism has been designed to allow the lid to remain open during busy shifts and to help when emptying the bin. The large foot pedal, stainless steel hinge rod and moulded hinge area creates a robust mechanism that is durable and can withstand harsh kitchen environments.

Bin Body & Door: Dark Grey
Bin Lid: Green
Graphics: Organics - Green

Body/Aperture Rim: Durapol®
Lid:  Durapol®
Foot Pedal: Glass Reinforced Durapol
Pedal Caps: Rubber

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